Who We Are?

BitGoals was created by a team of veteran entrepreneurs from the sports and gaming industries, that joined forces in order to create one of the biggest, most fundamental projects in the sports, gaming and crypto worlds. Each team member brought his own experience, ideas and passions to the project, creating the unique and ambitious combination that you can see today.

What Are We Planning to Do?

We aim to create the biggest sports community to ever exist, including sports fans from any field that exists today or in the future. We also aim to create the ultimate currency, used in all sports and gaming sites around the web. Together, we can create all of this and even more.

Why BitGoals?

There are many sports betting services, but none of them offer a united community, a solution that will effect current sports platforms, that will serve as a currency for all the sports and gaming services and products, and doesn’t have a team that stood behind many projects and can give the experience and knowledge to create the ultimate experience which is BitGoals.

How Can I Support BitGoals?

Supporting us is easy – Join our Token Sale and get your STP token at a great price. After that, you’re more than welcome to share our platform with your friends, and make sure to get them in the sports world revolution.