What’s STP?

STP is the digital currency (Or crypto currency) used in BitGoals, you have to get STP to do so.

How does it work?

BitGoals serves as the platform, while STP is the payment method. (i.e of BitGoals was a country. then STP would be its legal tender). Each transaction in this platform is basically used via STP tokens.

Why STP?

As for the token sale stage, STP is based on Bitcoin. When the value of BTC goes up, so will your STP value – And if you’re reading this, you probably know how much and how often the BTC value will go up (Spoiler: it’s going to be big). When you’re buying STP, you’re getting a Bitcoin based guarantee!

What are the uses for STP?

STP aims to become the sports and gaming sites official currency creating united sports community. Betting? Fantasy Football? Merchandise? Tickets? All of that and more is going to be under one single protocol – STP. so join the wagon while you can, and do it now – STP’s token sale had already begun, and you can now get your STP tokens for a limited time discount – The price goes up every few days, so be sure to get yours TODAY!

What’s the price?

STP is based on a unique value system: The system is divided into phases: The first one is the token sale which started on June 14th. The first phase started with each STP token worth the equivalent of a 0.5 USD in BTC (0.00008 BTC), When the World Cup preliminaries end, BitGoals will enter its second phase, resulting in a 20% increase in price. At the quarter finals, another 20% rise will occur, with the same happening at the semifinals – Until finally reaching the finals with each STP token’s worth that resides on a 100% increase when compared to the first phase.

How do I buy STP?

Sign up to BitGoals

Login to your account

Go to the token sale page www.bitgoals.com/token-sale

Choose the amount of STP that you want to buy

Choose your payment method (Bitcoin/Ether/Bitcoin Cash)

If you don’t have any of those, please go to: www.bitgoals.com/token-sale

When does it begin and when will it end?

The token sale had started on June 14th and will end on July 15

What can I do with my spare STP?

Even if you have some spare STP , fear not – You can sell your tokens at the exchange phase, and cash out your earnings quickly and easily. So what are you waiting for? Join BitGoals now and get your STP tokens – Become a part of the sports world revolution!