STP Token

STP Token

  • Industry: Blockchain gaming, B2B solution
  • Revenue Model: fee per transaction
  • Blockchain type: ERC20
  • Total supply: 185 million
  • Smart contract address: 0x8dfd6fa19312ad2c4bcfc24189c23c9b4c0c4f2a

This is When You Start Owning STP

Login / Sign Up to your Bitgoals account
Go to the token sale page and choose the amount you want to buy
For more information about converting and using STP click here

Sports Token Protocol

The Official Currency of the Sports World


STP (Sports Token Protocol) is the digital currency, aka cryptocurrency, which we use in the Bitgoals eco-system. Like any other currency, you can obtain it in one of two ways: earn it or convert other currency to it. In other words, to start owning STP, you’ll have to purchase them.


Bitgoals utilizes a smart contract system based on blockchain technology, that allows for the safest transference of payments. STP, as a digital currency, can be transferred instantaneously using this system, and safely, among community members.


The advantage of using STP in the Bitgoals eco-system is its immediacy. With the implementation of this token into our constantly updating system we can ensure a delay-free gaming experience.