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Social and dynamic sports betting


Social betting game based on sports scores (a certain team wins/ or there is a tie)

There are 3 options from which you can select a bet on results:

  1. A particular sports team – host team
  2. A particular sports team – visiting team
  3. A tie between the teams

Each option has its own dynamic winning odds.

The odds of winning are the winnings amount on the bet as a ratio of the total amount of money in the pot (which is marked on the game balls).

The odds of winning is the formula used to calculate the winnings that the user will earn if he makes a winning bet.

The odds of winning is multiplied by the amount of money that the user bet.

For example: If I bet 100 STP on team 1 and the odds of winning are 3, and my bet is correct – then I win 300 STP.

The odds are determined by user activity alone — and with no third party intervention — using smart contracts on the blockchain network.

The total amount of money in the pot is split among those who selected the winning outcome.

Bet correctly — and win!

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Pool Lotto

Pool Lotto

What's your lucky number?

Pool Lotto

A social Lotto game.

The user selects a number from 1 to 10

Unlike in traditional lottery games, in POOLOTTO the prize is dynamic and the viability of selecting a specific number varies according to user activity.

This allows the user to choose a number accordingly.

In every drawing, there is a winning number.

The odds of winning are 1 to 10.

The viability of any number varies in real time and is transparent to all users.

The size of the prize is dynamic.It depends on user activity.

The total amount of money in the pot is split among all of those who selected the correct number.

Select the right number — and win!

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Collect goals in real-time. Do you know who will make goals? Select — and earn STP


Skill-social sport game.

An exciting contest — including in real time!

The aim of the game: collect as many goals and get to the top of the leaders’ chart. The player who collects the most goals will be listed in the top place on the chart. The leaders’ chart displays the rank and number of goals that each player earned in the course of the contest. There is a separate leaders’ chart for each contest.

How to play: Pick 3 players

Each time a player who you selected makes a goal, you earn points.

You can change your selection of players — even in real-time, during the game!

There is no limit to the number of times that you can change the selected players.

Compete with the community and get to the first place in the chart.

You can compete against any community members or create private competition just against the friends you select.

The points you earn in the leaders’ chart are converted into STP digital tokens.

Who will be the next goals king scorer?!

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Subsidized ticket to the finals game of your dreams


Subsidized tickets to finals games.

There are 3 option from which you may select:

  1. Select two teams that you believe will compete in the final game.
  2. Choose one team that you think will play in the final.

If you chose the right team/s — you have won the right to exercise the option to purchase a subsidized ticket to the finals game.

  1. Another option is to purchase an open ticket to the final.

The size of the subsidy is determined by the number of users who select options that did not make it to the final cut.

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