New betting mechanism

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New betting mechanism

The betting industry is overdue for a change. With so much potential in the form of new technology and tools, there’s no excuse for clinging to tired old ways. BitGoals aims to revolutionize the industry with blockchain and smart contracts.

BitGoals offers three major gaming products: PoolBit, PoolLotto, and PoolGoals. Sports fans and gamers will find these products familiar: PoolBit lets users bet on sporting events, PoolLotto is a social lottery game, and PoolGoals is a skill-based sports game with social elements.

All activity on the platform is fueled by the STP token. Users can bet, play games, and even buy merchandise and event tickets using STP. What’s more, BitGoals aims to partner with other sports gambling and gaming platforms to allow STP to be used across a wide network, giving players access to even more gaming and betting opportunities.

BitGoals envisions this new form of betting, with smart contracts and a crypto currency at the foundation, as the new model for interactive sports betting.