Who we are?

About Us

Play your part on the Blockchain field – and turn the game into profit!

As of today, participation in blockchain exchange was a privilege granted to those chosen few who can navigate through the huge amounts of information, actions and trends that makes up the field, limiting its accessibility, and it’s about time to change that. We simplified the process of crypto exchange by transforming it into a platform for social, transparent, affordable and profitable.

Bitgoals is an online Blockchain ecosystem that allows you to make earnings from your favorite games. Based on a social gaming mechanism, Bitgoals allows for a community of sports fans to share their common passion and bridges over the hurdles that stop them from entering the cryptocurrency world. By using designated exchangeable tokens, STP, we are able to provide a gaming experience that is fair, immediate and enjoyable.

Why Use Bitgoals?

In the sports world there’s a game for everyone. There are those who follow soccer feverishly, and those who prefer basketball. There are those who cheer on one team, and those who cheer for their competition. When it comes to field games – diversity is key. That is why, unlike other sport gaming platforms, Bitgoals provide you with diverse gaming possibilities under one constant ecosystem. One wallet, one token, countless games and products at your disposal.

What is special about BITGOALS?

  • Social

    Interact with other players from around the globe on the same equal playing field to accumulate your own STP tokens and climb up the social ladder

  • Transparent

    Bitgoals maintain a fully transparent ecosystem that provides you with live updates on the game – how to win, what are the odds and more

  • Fair

    In Bitgoals products there is no individual referee that analyses and makes judgement for the players, our system guarantees equal opportunities for all

  • Immediate

    Won the game? Congrats, your earnings wait for you in your digital wallet. The Bitgoals ecosystem is updated constantly and will transfer your tokens Immediately

  • Available

    Once the tokens are in your account you are free to use them immediately or save up. Whatever and whenever you choose it

  • Favored Odds

    The odds have never been better. Split equally between playing parties, Bitgoals provide you with better winning odds than almost any other platform