Who we are?

About Us


BITGOALS – An innovative sports and gaming Eco System using blockchain technology.

BitGoals was created by a team of entrepreneurs with extensive experience and expertise in the sports and gaming industries.

We identified the need in the sports and gaming market to create an Eco System that is dynamic, social, uniform, transparent and easy to use.

Our goal is to provide a social-community response to this need — in a fer way, transparent and dynamic way — to benefit all sports fans.

Using smart contracts based on blockchain technology enables transparency and reliability.

We have joined forces in order to create one of the largest, and the most all-encompassing projects in the sports, gaming and crypto worlds.

Each team member brought his own experience, ideas and passions to the project. Together we created the unique and ambitious enterprise that you see today.

Why BitGoals?

There are many sports betting services out there. But none of them offer a united community, a solution that will affect current sports platforms, and a solution that will serve as a currency for all sports and gaming services and products. The team that has stood behind many projects and giving the experience and knowledge to create the ultimate gaming experience — BitGoals.

The Bitgoals ECO SYSTEM

The BitGoals ECO SYSTEM uses blockchain technology in the form of smart contracts. This allows us to create social, dynamic and transparent products for sports and gaming fans.

The BitGoals system includes:

  1. Wallet – one login, one single password and one balance.
  2. STP currency - - A liquid digital asset.
  3. Innovative, social and unique products – that support STP as a method of payment, using smart contracts.

What is special about BITGOALS?

  • Social

    BITGOALS is an Eco System that was dev.

    BITGOALS products are social, dynamic and exciting.

    In BitGoals, the users’ actions determines the odds of winning for the various products, without any broker intervention.

    The money in the pot is split among all those players who selected correctly.

  • Transparency

    Developed by sports fans for the sport and gaming fan community.

    What you see is what you get. Using smart contracts, each party in the game knows exactly what they are getting into, what they need to do to win, and of course, what the earnings are for each of the various products that are part of the BitGoals Eco System.

    All of the users’ actions when using BitGoals products affects BitGoals Eco System products dynamically and transparently.

    All of the information is accessible, transparent and clear to all of the community members.

  • Fairness

    All BitGoal products use smart contracts based on blockchain. There is no third-party involvement and there is no fine print.

    The bets placed on BITGOALS are among the user community only – there is no third party involvement whatsoever.

    The only thing left to do is to enjoy the fun and get what you deserve.

  • Fast and Easy

    Smart contracts mean automatic and instant payouts. Has the result been confirmed? Has your bet been confirmed? Congratulations, you earned your prize immediately! Simple as that!

    In order to enjoy the benefits of participating in the BitGoals Eco System you must:
    Sign up and open a BitGoals wallet. Congratulations! You are now part of the BitGoals community.

    Try one of the BitGoals products

    Your STP balance and all market information will be available to you in all BitGoals Eco System products. Have fun and good luck!

    Professionalism — The creators of BITGOALS are a team of people who specialize in sports and gaming, with love and passion for the world of sports and gaming.

    Our products

  • Liquidity

    When you earn STP from playing one of the BitGoal products, you can use it instantly. There are no holdouts, no preconditions, no fine print. Just your prize earnings.

    STP currency is a liquid digital asset that is traded on digital exchange arenas by top pairs.

  • Better Odds

    Due to the fact that the house is not involved, the stakes can be placed towards the players themselves.

    In BITGOALS, the chances are authentic and dynamic, and they are based only on user Activity!