What if we told you that
Blockchain could become a Game?

Bitgoals is an innovative social gaming platform that allows you to make profit in tradeable tokens — 
Sport Token Protocol

Take your passion for sport to the next level

Share your predictions in a network of fans and join in the game

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Think you know the big game’s score already? Might as well win it yourself!

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What’s your Lucky Number? Social Pool Lottery Platform

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Real time gaming experience: Follow the game, predict scored goals before they happen and collect them as your own STP prize

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The Official Currency of Sports

Become Fans, with Benefits — Root for your favorite team and profit from their win

Bitgoals is an online Blockchain ecosystem that allows you to make earnings from your favorite games. We do it by using Sports Token Protocol (STP) and a fully transparent smart contract system, or to simplify it, we give you all the details you need to consider your odds, play and win exchangeable digital currency straight away. And transferring STP between community members? Free of cost and instant.

Ben Harris CEO & Founder Explains

Ben Harris CEO & Founder Explains

Bitgoals — STP Token

Bitgoals — STP Token




One login • One wallet • One balance

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  • Social

    Interact with other players from around the globe on the same equal playing field to accumulate your own STP tokens and climb up the social ladder

  • Transparent

    Bitgoals maintain a fully transparent ecosystem that provides you with live updates on the game – how to win, what are the odds and more

  • Fair

    In Bitgoals products there is no individual referee that analyses and makes judgement for the players, our system guarantees equal opportunities for all

  • Immediate

    Won the game? Congrats, your earnings wait for you in your digital wallet. The Bitgoals ecosystem is updated constantly and will transfer your tokens Immediately

  • Available

    Once the tokens are in your account you are free to use them immediately or save up. Whatever and whenever you choose it

  • Favored Odds

    The odds have never been better. Split equally between playing parties, Bitgoals provide you with better winning odds than almost any other platform

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